Harriet Kemigisha

Harriet Kemigisha: Uganda's Pioneering Female Birder Harriet Kemigisha is a trailblazer in the world of birding, earning her reputation as the leading female birder in Uganda. Her remarkable journey began as a wildlife ranger in the national parks, where she later discovered

Holly Olive Akello

Holly Olive Akello: The Fearless Female Reptile Guide Holly Olive Akello stands out as a pioneering female reptile guide in Uganda. Her remarkable journey began after completing a Diploma in Tourism Management, where she unearthed her unique passion for reptiles. She has

Ochamringa Giovanna

Ochamringa Giovanna: A Dedicated Member of Uganda Women Birders Club Ochamringa Giovanna is a senior and passionate member of the Uganda Women Birders Club. Her love for both birding and culture has taken her to numerous parts of the country, allowing her

Adrine Nakunda

Adrine Nankunda: A Leading Figure in Ugandan Guiding and Cultural Tourism Adrine Nankunda is a prominent leader within the Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA), with a wealth of expertise in guiding and a deep commitment to cultural tourism. Her extensive involvement in

Namirembe Edith

Namirembe Edith: The Reptile Specialist with a Love for Wildlife Namirembe Edith is a specialist in reptiles, with a strong background in tourism and a deep love for the natural world. Holding a diploma in Tourism Management from HTTI, she has honed

Veronica Nakafero

Veronica Nakafero: A Dedicated and Talented Wildlife Guide in Uganda Veronica Nakafero's journey in the world of wildlife guiding and birding is a story of passion, talent, and family legacy. Joining the Women Birders Club eight years ago, she quickly discovered her

Amucu Mercy

Amucu Mercy. Welll known for her passion and good sense of humor. A graduate of Metropolitan University , she has been instrumental in organising field excursions around the country. She is a knowledgeable city guide based in Kampala. Her good sense of

Judith Mirembe

Judith Mirembe. Holds a Master degree in Environmental Science. A pioneer member of the Young Birders Club, A pioneer chairperson of the Uganda Women birders Club. She is a passionate research that has attained a fellow status. She is globally known for


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