International Conference for
Women Birders

DECEMBER 6th - 8th 2023 / UGANDA

photo by: Esther Ruth Mbabazi

International Birders Meet in Uganda


6th - 8th December 2023


Kampala Uganda

The Conference

Throughout history, women have always interacted with nature for a variety of purposes. One of the earliest women birders is Genevieve Estelle Jones (1847-1879), who helped to pave the way for the countless women birders that came after her.

The International Conference for Women Birders gives us time to appreciate the efforts of the women from around the world who have been engaging nature through birds and bird watching.  Additionally, during this conference, we will work to create a strong network of opportunities for woman birders.

Uganda has recently begun to recognize the role of women in conservation and tourism, which has led to support for these roles. Uganda was the first country on the African continent to form a women birders club.

Women birders from all over the World are expected to visit Uganda to attend this conference.  And while they visit the country, they will have the chance to see some of the 1080+ species of birds recorded in the country, view mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, interact with local communities, share their experiences with other women birders, and ultimately come up with conference resolutions.

Uganda Women Birders

The Uganda Women Birders Club started in 2013 with the goal of increasing the participation of Uganda's women in the mainstream tourism and conservation activities.

The Women Birder's Club started with a few women who were already established in the industry and acted as a source of guidance, support, and inspiration to new members that joined the club. The club started with about 10 members and this has since grown to over 50 dedicated birders. Some of them have even established their own businesses.

The Uganda Women Birders Club has also inspired formation of other clubs in East Africa.

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